Waterproofing a Deep Tunnel

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Author: PENETRON ADMIX Catalogue/Brochure
Tunnel waterproof concrete water treatment cast-in-place concrete


The South Cobb Tunnel Lift Station in Austell, Georgia, was the largest expansion project and deepest tunnel construction undertaken by the Cobb County Water Authority (CCWS), and it was completed a year ahead of schedule. Part of a comprehensive sewage and wastewater treatment system, the 5.5-mile-long tunnel was built through hard rock at a maximum depth of 400 feet. The project also included a 130 million gallon/day lift station to transport wastewater flows; the height of the station is about 212 feet. PENETRON ADMIX was used to ensure the concrete structures, tanks, foundation slaps and containment structures could resist the high levels of water pressure remain watertight. The admixture was also added to the concrete lining used to support areas of fractured rock and groundwater inflow.


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