Implementation of arc flash mitigating solutions at industrial manufacturing facilities

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Whitepaper/Case Study
arc flash safety hazards


This paper highlights an assortment of case studies and explains how arc flash hazards were identified, measured and mitigated at various industry facilities. Case studies will include: Compliance with IEEE 1584-2002 Guide for Performing Arc Flash Hazard Calculations along with regional workplace safety standards for a multi-site global cement manufacturer; Implementation of an Arcflash Reduction Maintenance System™ in an airlock section of a main switch room for a minerals processing plant upgrade; Investigation of an arc flash incident at a chemical processing facility; and a “Safety by Design” upgrade for the iron ore division of a global mining business. The paper will examine the plans and processes reviewed and considered, the strategy deployed to manage/reduce arc flash hazards, and then discuss lessons learned in the implementation of new systems to improve electrical workplace safety.


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