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Aggregates Processing Design Engineering Simulations Testing


Download an Interactive Overview of aggregate processing technologies and services provided by Phoenix Process Equipment. See why We're All About The Process.


Dewater slurry of pre-thickened solids with the PH ...
PHOENIX Process Equipment Company

See how the PHOENIX Belt Filter Press dewaters slurry of pre-thickened solids from a pumpable, liquid state to a solid, belt conveyable and stackable dry cake. Read more

Dewater slurry of pre-thickened solids at a high v ...
PHOENIX Process Equipment Company

This video by PHOENIX Process Equipment shows the steps in dewatering slurry into a dry cake discharge with a Recessed Chamber and Membrane Filter Press. Read more

Need to reduce your slurry pond storage area?
PHOENIX Process Equipment Company

PHOENIX provides process solutions to reduce slurry pond area with a rake-less Ultra High-Rate Thickener that provides mixing, flocculation and internal dilution followed by c ... Read more

Slurry pond problems?
PHOENIX Process Equipment Company

Need a solution to reduce your slurry pond area? Clarifies the water while thickening the slurry from a wash plant to 40-45% solids to reduce the volume going to the slurry p ... Read more

Classify, sort by density, and wash/rinse sand, si ...
PHOENIX Process Equipment Company

The cut size can be varied over a broad size range, while density sorting of light weight contaminants from sand or silica sand from heavy minerals is feasible. The HYDROSORT ... Read more

Video showing innovative high sand recovery with d ...
PHOENIX Process Equipment Company

Capture, de-slime and dewater granular solids including construction aggregate, specialty sands, mine tailings, dredger slurry and more. Read more