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Using drones to manage invento ...

Drone technology and aerial intelligence data enables companies to complete more accurate inventory management and maximize revenue. Download this report to learn more about drone technology for your ... Read more

Aerodyne Vacu-Valve Alternativ ...
Aerodyne Environmental

The Aerodyne Vacu-Valve is an economical alternative to rotary valves. Its unique design allows it to provide an airlock with no moving parts on dust collectors that are operating with a slight vacuu ... Read more

Dyno Nobel

The primary benefit from the TITAN emulsion technology is being able to note on the post blast reports that no postblast NOx fumes were present. Additional benefits include increased water resistance, ... Read more

20% Reduction in Vibration
Dyno Nobel

A review of seismic data from both blasts showed a twenty percent reduction in vibration using the timing solution developed using DYNO 42 compared to competitor timing sequence. Read more

Centralized Blasting - Increas ...
Dyno Nobel

After speaking with Dyno Nobel, the mine decided to implement BlastWeb®, a centralised blasting system that is specifically designed for use in underground mining operations. BlastWeb allows reliable ... Read more

Redesigning Stopes for Improve ...
Dyno Nobel

This underground nickel mine in the Midwest United States is relatively young with only a few years of production blasting. The operation is employing a sublevel stope mining technique. The operator p ... Read more

What's in a number? The econom ...
MacLean Engineering

The drivers pushing mining companies to seriously look at the EV transition encompass a broad range of benefits – reduced ventilation requirements (30-50% less) and associated energy costs, eliminat ... Read more

A45G Articulated Hauler
Volvo Construction Equip ...

The Volvo A45G articulated hauler is designed to be both powerful and productive, while remaining incredibly nimble and efficient. The A45G — powered by the latest Volvo D16, Tier 4 Final engine — ... Read more

Mining at the cutting edge
Volvo Construction Equip ...

Site simulation, Volvo articulated haulers and excavators, and flexible financing from Volvo Financial Services play a pivotal role in a family-owned garnet mining business. Read more

MacLean EV Series: Full-Fleet ...
MacLean Engineering

FLEET ELECTRIFICATION THAT CONNECTS THE MINING CYCLE TO THE BATTERY CYCLE: The MacLean approach to battery propulsion is built on giving our customers access to best-in-class battery, electric motor, ... Read more

MacLean Mobile Equipment Innov ...
MacLean Engineering

MacLean Hard Rock Equipment R&D Report: The last 12 months at MacLean have seen the culmination of a two-year phase of intense product development activity, including fleet electrification; face bolt ... Read more