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Systematic Ground Support - Th ...
MacLean Engineering

The cause for the large drop in fall-of-ground fatalities in Ontario, Canada since the 1960s can be attributed to a variety of factors including increased regulation, better engineering and ground sup ... Read more

What's in a number? The econom ...
MacLean Engineering

The drivers pushing mining companies to seriously look at the EV transition encompass a broad range of benefits – reduced ventilation requirements (30-50% less) and associated energy costs, eliminat ... Read more

MacLean EV Series: Full-Fleet ...
MacLean Engineering

FLEET ELECTRIFICATION THAT CONNECTS THE MINING CYCLE TO THE BATTERY CYCLE: The MacLean approach to battery propulsion is built on giving our customers access to best-in-class battery, electric motor, ... Read more

MacLean Mobile Equipment Innov ...
MacLean Engineering

MacLean Hard Rock Equipment R&D Report: The last 12 months at MacLean have seen the culmination of a two-year phase of intense product development activity, including fleet electrification; face bolt ... Read more

Jackleg safety and mechanizati ...
MacLean Engineering

483 MSHA reportable injuries involving jacklegs occurred at US mines between 2003 and 2012, according to a recent study published by NIOSH (Clark et al., 2016). And these are just the reportable inju ... Read more

Small Section Bolter Dry Drill ...
MacLean Engineering

Dry drilling on MacLean Small Section Bolter - In 2015, MacLean worked with Petra Diamonds’ Finsch mine in South Africa, the second largest diamond mine in the RSA, to develop a dry drilling option ... Read more

Performance Associates Interna ...

Con demasiada frecuencia, las compañías de recursos naturales ponen en marcha plantas nuevas sin contar con un equipo de operaciones y mantenimiento debidamente capacitado. El resultado puede ser de ... Read more

Getting Innovation Right: Inve ...
MacLean Engineering

An ideas instead of mining boom has a nice ring to it as a slogan, but what if mining booms and ideas booms are one in the same? Read more

Ground Support Innovation: Gen ...
MacLean Engineering

GEN-3 Feeds on MacLean Bolter: Ground support innovation delivers installation quality, safety, productivity & versatility ... Read more

A Journey Toward Electrical Wo ...

This paper outlines the experience of one global cement producer that embarked on site surveys and studies to achieve arc flash safety compliance at 13 cement plants in the U.S. and Canada. Read more

Steel Rolling Mill Achieves Ta ...

The purpose of this paper is to review a case study of a successful energy project at the ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor facility involving the addition of five new adjustable frequency drives (AFDs) used ... Read more

An overview of remote isolatio ...

The authors describe the application of remote isolation systems in mining industry conveyance systems and offers case study details where these systems have been installed. Read more