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The Evolution of Inventory Man ...

Firmatek has been measuring stockpiles and helping the Aggregate Mining Industry manage its inventory for almost 30 years. The industry has used a variety of different technology over the years. From ... Read more

The Cost of Not Measuring Your ...

The amount you pay for your measurement is not your only cost when it comes to inventory. In the industry, we talk about what it costs to measure your inventory, but rarely do we discuss the cost of n ... Read more

Ground Control Points Best Pra ...

This guide describes our recommended best practices for setting, maintaining, and capturing Ground Control Points suitable for creating 3D maps using drones. We've included tips for GCP placement, as ... Read more

Embracing the Tech Revolution ...

Drone technology is still relatively new, but the adoption of drones is revolutionizing the way we work in countless industries. The aggregate industry rarely leaps at the latest and greatest technolo ... Read more

Saved by the Drone: How this D ...

A true service provider is called upon to bring all of their tools, knowledge, and expertise in times of crisis. We provide our clients with confidence in their data, and go above and beyond to serve ... Read more

Aggregate Inventory Management ...

In order to control inventory in a typical aggregate operation, the producer must understand the whole process, from production through sales. Inadequate control in any one of these areas leads to inv ... Read more

Safe and Legal Flying: A Drone ...

Drones have exploded in popularity thanks to their versatility and the growing accessibility of the devices. Flown carelessly, drones can be dangerous. While drones work to keep employees safe and out ... Read more

Why Firmatek Drone Solutions - ...

Learn why long-time Firmatek client, Brox Industries, chose to move to Firmatek's Drone Solutions program. Read more

Services for Mining and Aggreg ...

Firmatek provides independent, third-party measurement and reporting to help manage your business and inventory needs. Our data analytics solution utilizes both advanced drone data collection technolo ... Read more

3 Challenges of Stockpile Inve ...

At Firmatek, we do a lot of inventory measurements for our clients. Often times, we know plant managers aren't thrilled about getting their inventory measurements because of problems they've experienc ... Read more

Drone Collected Volumetrics
AirGon, LLC

Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS or drones) along with exciting new image processing algorithms are enabling a fundamental change in how stockpile volumetric computations are performed. It is now p ... Read more

SIL2 / SIL3 certification for ...
Hawk Measurement Systems ...

Hawk Measurement acquires SIL2 / SIL3 certification for its Centurion Guided Radar to improve reliability in safety instrumented systems in hazardous operations. Hawk Measurement Systems (HAWK ... Read more