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Battery-powered and wireless m ...
Strata Worldwide

StrataConnect WirelessMonitor. Control. Track. Alert.Completely wireless and battery-powered components to build and expand your network, for permanent or temporary needs. Read more

Proximity Detection and Collis ...
Strata Worldwide

Proximity detection and collision avoidance is one of the most vital of today’s technologies for keeping workers safe around heavy machinery. The ever-enhancing Strata HazardAvert® is designed to ... Read more

Proximity Detection for underg ...
Strata Worldwide

Proximity detection in mining is one of the most vital of today’s technologies for keeping workers safe around heavy machinery.  Strata HazardAvert® for coal mines is specifically designed fo ... Read more

Getting Up to Speed on New Dro ...

We talk a lot about providing insights to our clients and equipping them with business intelligence. Researching and testing new technology helps ensure we can do that. With this in mind, we recently ... Read more

Use Technology to Avoid Common ...

Stockpile measurements are an integral part of running a successful aggregates business. Operating efficiency and profits depend on stockpile measurements, yet many aggregates operations are guilty of ... Read more

Identifying Joint Sets and Ext ...

We're always looking for new ways to help clients solve problems, increase productivity, reduce waste, and improve safety. So when our client approached us about finding a better way to identify join ... Read more

What Growth in the Drone Indus ...

We consistently tell our clients one thing: you can't manage it if you can't measure it. The increased demand for data analysis and use of drones for 3D mapping has prompted more questions around addi ... Read more

It's Not About the Tech: What ...

At Firmatek, we love technology. Who wouldn't want to have cool drones, lasers, and software? But cool tech isn't what makes our clients' operations more successful. It's the insights we provide from ... Read more

How to Prepare Your Employees ...

Once upon a time, decision makers in the aggregates industry had to rely on guesswork to figure out whether they could meet a client need. Fast-forward to today, and drone technology has taken much of ... Read more

Firmatek 3D Mapping Services

Moving from using traditional surveying techniques to using drones for aerial data capture can increase productivity as much as 200%.  You can deliver the data you have always produced for your c ... Read more

Services vs. DIY: A Value Choi ...

Are you a DIY-er? Or do you prefer hiring a full-service provider? The choice between the two comes down to what you value most: time, cost, or the experience you want to have. At Firmatek, we believe ... Read more

3 Ways Technology Can Combat P ...

Let's face it: Pipeline planning and upkeep require a huge investment of capital. Technology is taking pipeline construction and maintenance to another level. Ignoring the benefits of tech is no longe ... Read more