TSUBAKI® SJ3™ Chains: Protection for the Harshest Environments

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Chains Sealed Joint Material Handling


Tsubaki’s patented SJ3 Sealed Joint Technology effectively protects and defends a chain’s bearing areas by impeding the infiltration of aggressive fine and sticky particulate. In doing so, the risks of premature elongation, joint lockage and/or dry cavitation are greatly reduced, thus allowing for more effective chain performance and extended life.

The Tsubaki SJ3 design, made in the U.S.A., utilizes a unique combination of three distinct seals (a barrier, a polymer face and a stainless steel inner ring) to create an innovative labyrinth structure that effectively hinders the infiltration of foreign matter without compromising any strength or dynamic performance. Depending on the temperature and severity of the application, seal materials and selection can be custom tailored. Please contact your local Tsubaki Representative or Tsubaki Engineering to discuss your specific application in detail and schedule an onsite technical analysis.


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