Founded in 1983, Performance Associates International (PAI) is the worldwide leader in mine and plant industrial training. Our custom interactive modules have improved start-up success and operations for hundreds of clients on nearly every continent.

In this training module, we cover how activated carbon is used to concentrate gold and silver from pregnant leach solution. The concentrating process is based on the concept of adsorption, in which complex gold, silver, and (if present) mercury molecules are adsorbed—or adhered—onto small, millimeter sized particles of activated carbon.

The adsorption process is carried out at atmospheric temperature and pressure. During the process, the metals migrate from a cyanide leach solution to the surfaces of carbon pores. In addition to the animation, this module includes an animated process flowsheet, process variable target ranges and control methods, as well as alarm response procedures. This module covers one area of a gold ore processing plant. In a typical plant of this type, there would be another 4 to 8 modules that would cover the other plant areas with each module containing the same type of training materials, but specific to that plant area.

In the training environment, some concepts are difficult to explain using still 2-D or even 3-D images. When this is the case, we develop animations and/or simulations in order to ensure better transfer of knowledge to our trainees.


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