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How to Reduce Cost Per Hour wi ...
Titan International

Today’s fleet manager is empowered to make incredibly informed decisions based on real site data. Fleet management software can calculate optimized haul routes. Site simulation software can ensure t ... Read more

Side-by-side comparison shows ...
Volvo Construction Equip ...

See all the ways that Volvo excavators are easier to service in a side-by-side comparison to two industry-leading competitor machines. Read more

What's in a number? The econom ...
MacLean Engineering

The drivers pushing mining companies to seriously look at the EV transition encompass a broad range of benefits – reduced ventilation requirements (30-50% less) and associated energy costs, eliminat ... Read more

Five Steps to Tire Management ...
Titan International

Establishing a strategic tire management plan is crucial for companies with large fleets of equipment. Each machine requires a unique tire replacement schedule, and managers who develop a tire buying ... Read more

A45G Articulated Hauler
Volvo Construction Equip ...

The Volvo A45G articulated hauler is designed to be both powerful and productive, while remaining incredibly nimble and efficient. The A45G — powered by the latest Volvo D16, Tier 4 Final engine — ... Read more

Rightsize Your Hauler Fleet
Volvo Construction Equip ...

Is bigger always better? When it comes to articulated haulers, the industry certainly seems to be moving in that direction. While capacity increases can boost production numbers, and ultimately reduce ... Read more

Mining at the cutting edge
Volvo Construction Equip ...

Site simulation, Volvo articulated haulers and excavators, and flexible financing from Volvo Financial Services play a pivotal role in a family-owned garnet mining business. Read more

Rethinking Radials
Titan International

As construction equipment has grown in the last couple decades — in size, power, weight and speed — so too has the need for off-the-road tires that can keep up with the increased demand. As such, ... Read more

MacLean EV Series: Full-Fleet ...
MacLean Engineering

FLEET ELECTRIFICATION THAT CONNECTS THE MINING CYCLE TO THE BATTERY CYCLE: The MacLean approach to battery propulsion is built on giving our customers access to best-in-class battery, electric motor, ... Read more

Tire Codes 101
Titan International

With a dizzying array of letters, numbers, markings and ratings, purchasing new construction or mining tires can be a challenge. But there are definite benefits to learning the terminologies as tire s ... Read more

People, Process & Technology - ...

What are your operators really costing you? Operator skill and behavior directly affects site safety, tire life, bucket fill, machine availability, fuel usage, cycle times and machines repair & mai ... Read more

Why Simulation?

Simulation based operator training has been successfully applied to a range of diverse industries where high risk and high costs are everyday issues requiring smart solutions. Whether piloting a plane ... Read more