Top 3 Issues That a Top-Notch Mobile Sales Solution Will Address

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Spend More Time in the Field Generating Business

Mobile technology that allows real-time information to be collected and shared is changing the face of the construction industry. This technology is being used to track daily activities and critical information, and streamline collaboration between teams in the field and at the office. What's shaking up sales processes in the technology world? Mobile sales solutions.

Many sales people love their current manual or isolated quoting processes because they’re easy and have very few constraints. However, the rest of the organization often suffers from the headaches resulting from the lack of visibility or audit trails inherent to these processes, which ultimately negatively impacts your organization’s operational stability and growth plans.

If this sounds like your organization, it may be time to investigate automated solutions that are designed specifically for the Heavy Building Materials industry that can empower accurate sales forecasting and minimize quoting inaccuracies.

What Can A Mobile Sales Solution Do for My Business?

Three problems that a mobile sales solutions address includes:

1) Generating timely and accurate quotes:

Roughly 25% of Heavy Building Materials production volume is quoted and shipped within 24 hours. Without real-time information, there is room for unintended errors to easily creep into the process; such as outdated pricing and unauthorized discounts. According to well-regarded research firms, these rebills can cost companies up to 5% of the original transaction value.

Progressive Ready-Mix Producers and Bulk Material Suppliers are using mobile sales solutions to more effectively perform quoting, monitoring, and forecasting through an investment that can easily pay for itself by eliminating just a handful of credit and rebill situations.

2) Maintaining realistic pipeline estimates and forecasts:

Recent research by the Aberdeen Group shows that only around 55% of companies that do not implement a best-in-class forecasting process achieve their sales quotas, compared to 97% of companies that choose to implement advanced forecasting approaches achieving theirs.

With a sales solution in place that provides real-time visibility into both an accurate backlog and an accurate sales forecast, you are empowered to make decisions and adjustments that steer your organization in the right direction on a daily basis (even a hourly basis, if needed) instead of relying on a monthly snapshot of quickly outdated information. 

3) Missing opportunities due to lack of visibility in the field:

How often does your company miss opportunities simply because a bid date is missed?  Does each sales team member have their own approach to selling, quoting, and closing opportunities?  Is pricing consistency a problem you deal with?

With a mobile sales solution designed specifically for the industry in place you can gain the visibility you need to monitor and enforce sales activities and ensure a consistent and professional buying experience to your market.

MOBILEsales is Command Alkon’s mobile sales solution for the Heavy Building Materials industry. This tool helps you standardize your sales approach across your team and eliminate issues that arise from inaccuracies and inefficiencies.


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