Securing a Foundation in a Waterlogged Miami Site

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Modera Coral Gables is a 237-unit luxury apartment mid-rise building in Miami, Florida, located on an urban infill area and only one block south of Coral Gables’ Miracle Mile, a pedestrian-friendly entertainment and retail hub. The building is LEED Silver-certified and has six residential floors above three levels of parking. A large pool is situated on an expansive elevated deck on the fourth floor. Originally, a bentonite mat was specified for the foundation. Because excavations were five feet below the water table, it became impossible to eliminate enough water to install the mat. Cemex, the ready-mix supplier, worked with Penetron on a solution. PENETRON ADMIX was mixed into the concrete for all below-grade structures (and also the three-level parking garage and the fourth floor pool structure), allowing placement of the concrete into the waterlogged site.

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