I-85 Bridge Repair

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Author: PREVent-C AdmixtureWhitepaper/Case Study
In 2017, a large fire brought the interstate bridge 85 to collapse in Atlanta, Georgia. It became a transportation crisis for commuters and local residents so the Georgia DOT decided on accelerated construction techniques. The durability of bridge decks is severely compromised by shrinkage cracks which can lead to immediate access for water and deicing chemicals to the steel reinforcement and internal concrete. PREVent-C technology was selected to be used in an accelerated mix and a 3-day curing period versus a more standard 7-day curing period. When accelerated strength and minimal curing are used, cracking would be visible immediately following the end of curing. When the curing was removed from the 1-85 Bridge, there was no observance of cracking.


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