Extreme-Duty Drum Motor Catalog

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Van der Graaf is a leading designer and manufacturer of specially engineered drum motors. Built to endure the demands of the bulk handling industry – from ship loading, to power generation, to surface and underground mining. Van der Graaf products are manufactured and marketed worldwide through a respected international network of distributors. As the leading global supplier of conveyor belt drives, Van der Graaf has proven to be highly intuitive in projecting and reacting to changing market demands. The Extreme Duty Series offers a conveyor drive in which all components are housed internally. This advanced design eliminates the need for external features including the motor, gearbox, sprockets, chain, chain guard, and pillow block bearings, making it ideal for the harshest of environments. The Van der Graaf Extreme Duty Mining Series incorporates the benefits of a tried and tested drum motor with an increase in power and capacity. This durable design is entirely sealed from the most challenging work environments, providing a completely reliable, less complex, and virtually maintenance-free belt drive solution.
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