Eliminate Paper Processes so You Can Focus on What Really Matters

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What's All the Buzz About Electronic Tickets?

Paper tickets - this has been a trending topic across the Heavy Building Materials industry for quite some time. Why? Because paper processes are entirely outdated and inefficient, and in an industry that is on-the-go, they can be a hassle to keep track of. Using paper discourages quick billing and quick driver turn around. With the use of mobile technology, drivers can now deliver electronic tickets as soon as materials are delivered. This means quicker invoicing to suppliers and enhanced partnerships.

 Let's Break It down for You - How Can MOBILEticket Improve Your Business?

·         MOBILEticket provides paperless tickets that can’t be lost, rained on, or thrown away. The ticket is an electronic document that is distributable via email without scanning.

·         MOBILEticket’s native integration with MCM’s Apex system provides seamless data routing from dispatch to the drivers.

·         The intuitive workflow within MOBILEticket makes it easy to learn for new employees.

·         Using tablets in their trucks, MOBILEticket can be set up and implemented quickly.

Midwest Concrete Materials Sees the Advantages of Implementing MOBILEticket

Being a Command Alkon customer for years, Midwest Concrete rolled out MOBILEticket to the aggregate side of their business. The implementation and training process was straightforward as MCM was already using a number of Command Alkon products. The results of this tool were almost immediate - radio traffic decreased, driver time in the yard decreased and MCM’s internal staff were able to invoice quicker.

Placing Focus on What Matters

MCM’s drivers appreciate not having to contact dispatch for questions on their tickets. With the paperless tickets they no longer have to manually fill out paper tickets and they get their next ticket displayed on their tablet as soon as they submit the existing ticket. Having all the ticket information on their tablets reduces the amount of questions they have to ask dispatch and there is no risk of the ticket being lost on the jobsite. The reduction in radio traffic increases driver efficiency and allows dispatch to focus on coordinating schedules and getting orders into the system.

A+ Customer Experiences and Strengthened Partnerships·

The MCM internal staff has seen increased speed at which they can invoice their tickets. The MOBILEtickets are downloaded directly to their financial software and after importing, the tickets are immediately billed. This has reduced time to invoice and eliminated double data entry.

Mike Sanson, IT Manager at Midwest Concrete stated, “Our trucks are more efficient, in that they have their assignments immediately upon completion of the previous order. Our drivers have the order information available at their fingertips. The drivers no longer have to fill out paper tickets, and therefore we do not have to double enter to get them into our billing system, eliminating time and mistakes. Our customers receive an email of their ticket immediately in the office alerting them that the material has been delivered, and not waiting on a worker on the job to deliver the paper ticket. Overall, this has streamlined the whole process, and MOBILEticket is a win-win for both our company and our customers.”

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